RNZB Ballet In a Box 1 Relaxed
Chris Lam Sam - Narrator
Credit: Frank Sin
Credit: Stephen A'Court

Relaxed Performance of Ballet in a Box

Dance   |  Years 1-13
Monday 16 August, 2021
1pm - 1.45pm (Narrated in English by Chris Lam Sam, NZSL interpreted by Amber Tiopira-Waaka)

Following the success of the previous two events, the RNZB, in collaboration with the Vodafone Events Centre, offered a sensory-friendly performance for students and patrons with disabilities. 


This event will present a programme of ballet excerpts narrated by Chris Lam Sam, complete with costumes and make-up and conclude with the opportunity for the public to see the costumes close-up and ask questions of the dancers as they mingle in the foyer.


It’s aimed at children and adults who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including (but no limited to) those with autistic spectrum conditions, anyone with sensory and communication disorders or a learning disability. This means that there is a more casual-than-usual approach to front-of-house etiquette and there is a more relaxed attitude to noise (voluntary and involuntary) in the auditorium, in order to reduce anxiety and ensure a safe and enjoyable theatre visit.

Adapted Dance Workshop for children and adults with disabilities

2.15pm - 3pm, Monday 16 August

The Vodafone Events Centre in collaboration with the Royal New Zealand Ballet is dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals through the benefits of dance. Our focus is on the health benefits which can be enjoyed from participating in dance – benefits should be available to all sectors of the community.

Adapted Dance is a recreational dance practice adjusted for people with special needs. Dance movement is based on the abilities and strengths of each participant, developing mobility and body awareness. It’s a friendly and tolerant space where anyone can experience the joy of dancing!

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