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It is with great pleasure that we present to you our Community Good Report for year ended 31 December 2018. The highlights of this report include the more than 51,000 children who have been able to utilise our facilities free of charge or at heavily discounted rates, enabling them to experience arts, drama, culture, music, sports and outdoor challenges they may not have otherwise been able to access.

Our community support over the past year alone has reached $1.3 million, and since the establishment of the Trust, has now reached $10 million. The Vodafone Events Centre boasts the largest venue-based schools and community programme in the country. 40,000 children have used this facility over the past year in our community and schools programme.

For this year’s Ballet In a Box, Royal New Zealand Ballet staged a Relaxed Performance for children with special needs. It was heartening to receive feedback from Philippa, a mother of a child living with autism. She expressed her great appreciation to the Centre and Royal New Zealand Ballet for the special performance, and said it was one of the few shows which accepted her child. Her daughter saw world class talent first hand and had a joyful, unforgettable experience.

Vector Wero Whitewater Park has hosted 11,000 children in our schools and community programme, and we aspire to be the largest such programme in the world.

Our current promise to our community is that we will do all in our power to ensure that every child who goes to school in Auckland South will, at some stage during their schooling, be exposed to our water safety programme within the park. One of the programmes we supported this year at Vector Wero was the Tamaki Paddle Sports Club of Canoe Slalom NZ. Through the club, South Auckland students Gabi Lolohea and Joseph Dunn are quickly becoming the new face of Polynesian white-water kayaking.

A warm thank you to all our supporters and sponsors, with special mention to Regional Facilities Auckland, who support programmes and activities within the Vodafone Events Centre. Without this support and sponsorship we would not be able to make such a great difference in our community.

Please take time to read our annual Community Good Report 2019. You may download the copy by clicking here.

Sir Noel Robinson KNZM, Chairman

David Comery, CEO

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